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DNA Type Diet

A couple of days back I saw a news item in our local news channel 4. It was a very brief segment, but invoked me to search more about it. It is about DNA type diet. I was fascinated by the information available on the web about the DNA type diet. A few months ago, I got to know about blood type diet . I decided to follow blood type diet mainly because I was already adopting most part of blood type diet. After few months, I realized that it works well for me. The most important different between blood type diet and other prescribed diets is that blood type diet focuses on the healthy living while other prescribed food menus focus on weight loss.

Interleukin Genetics, Inc and Stanford University did a research on the effect of different diet type. The researchers requested participants to provide DNA samples by simple cheek swap. Individuals on a diet identified as appropriate to their genotype by the Weight Management Genetic Test lost an average of over 2.5 times more weight than individuals on diets that were not appropriate. We should take note that this experiment was conducted on overweight/obese woman. I did not see any mass scale research on this topic with a variety of participants.

The initial cost to know about the DNA type diet including the testing is about $170. I have no plans to experiment with this concept. You can find more information on the Interleukin Genetics website.