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Coffee and Me

I grew up drinking tea. Sri Lanka is well-known for its premium tea also known as Ceylon tea. Ceylon is the old name of Sri Lanka. I didn’t get much chance to drink coffee during my child hood. When I was a high school student, I used to get up early in the morning and studied for the final exams. During that time I drank coffee in the early mornings. My mother makes coffee on the previous night and keeps it in a flask. Again, it was not really a coffee. I would say it was a coffee flavored milk.

After I came to US, I started drinking coffee. During the student life, I didn’t get much chance to go to Starbucks or other coffee houses (Can we write about coffee without mentioning Starbucks?). Once I started working full-time I got a lot of opportunities to get out drink coffee in many joints. I think this is how I developed a passion to coffee. Nowadays I drink 5 cups of coffee every day. (I am trying to cut it back to 4 cups). In the past 7-8 years, I bought several different kinds of coffee makers and several brands of coffee beans.  At home, I grind coffee beans before making each cup of coffee. Recently I started making coffee using an old style percolator. For some reason, this coffee is tastier than the previous ones made using the regular coffee makers.

A few weeks back I watched the history of Starbucks on the CNBC biographies. I was amazed by the efforts made by Starbucks to make their coffee distinctive from others. It starts from the plantations, continue thru roasting, and then each batch of beans is tasted by professionals to make sure that the customer gets the premium coffee. Starbucks is even picky on the water they use to make coffee. Wow!!! I am pretty sure all the coffee brands have their own scrutiny to make their product best. I visited the first Starbucks coffee shop in Pikes Place Market in Seattle.

The picture on the right is Grand café, one of the first coffee houses opened in England in 1600s. It still serves coffee. There is an interesting history behind coffee. Before the seventeen’s century, alcohol was people’s day time drink. Coffee replaced the alcohol. No wonder why there are a lot of new inventions in the past 400 years.