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Civil Engineers in Military

Civil Engineering is one of the oldest engineering disciplines. It got its name to distinguish itself from military engineering. By looking at the names, we may think that military engineering involves with military and civil engineering is related to non military civilian work. But many civil engineers are part of military and worked in war zones and military bases with various capacities throughout the years.

United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACoE) is a military organization where many civil engineers serve. USACoE involve both in military construction and civilian public work projects that are strategically vital. Most of the Major dams, locks and hydro-electric facilities in the country are managed by the USACoE. It also involves in water navigation systems, flood control and levees, coastal preservation, and environment protection. It is interesting to note that USACoE was established in June 1775, a year before the declaration of independence. General George Washington felt the need for such organization for the country to be formed.

Civil Engineer Corps (CEC) is an engineering section of US Navy that got engineers, architects and Seabees. CEC’s existence can be traced back to 1827 though it was not officially established at that time. Seabees are the construction battalions of US navy. The name Seabees came from the initials of construction battalion (CB). Seabees were established during the Second World War time to support the US military in all continents. They build roads, bridges, air stripes, hospitals, and warehouses etc for military and civilians.

The Air Force Civil Engineer Support Agency (AFCESA) and Air Force Center for Engineering and the Environment (AFCEE) are part of US Air Force. AFCESA supports all major commands to ensure that Air Force civil engineers are organized, trained, and equipped so they can deploy rapidly and efficiently during a time of crisis. AFCEE provides a full range of technical and professional services to the Air Force community in areas related to environmental restoration, pollution prevention, environmental planning, design and construction management, and comprehensive planning and design.

The above are a few civil engineering organizations and their roles in the military. In general, engineers play a major role in the military from research, design, modeling and simulation to maintenance of military vessels, equipment and armory.