As many of us do, I also lost many things, relationships, and people in my life. It is often painful losing something. But this time, I feel good, happy, and healthy after became a loser and probably the only time I felt the same in my life after losing something. Yes!!! I lost about 25 pounds of flesh from my body in the past three months. I was thinking about losing weight for last few years, but never initiated any efforts. As I do every year, this year’s resolution is to lose about 30 pounds. I had some other resolutions where I miserably failed and am not going to discuss here – I keep them for future posts. A month passed. I didn’t do anything. Then I went for the annual physical. The doctor told me, there is no way I can let my weight increase as it is now and I should start putting effort to lose weight. It is mainly because of the cholesterol level. I know I have a family history of high cholesterol.

In my case, I gained about 30 pounds within the first two years after coming to the US. Then my body weight was pretty stable though there were fluctuations. I was gaining, on average, about 1 pound per year for the past 8 years.

Finally decided to start a weight lose program designed by me with the help of state offered live well be well prevention plan guidelines. I put up a list of food and snacks to be avoided and the activities that need to be initiated and increased. After I started this tremendous effort, I recorded my activities and weight measures. Then I converted the activities into calories burned based on generally available conversions. I recorded this effort for two purposes. First is to find any trend and the second is to find a settling point.


For me, this is a great achievement. I progressed much better than I expected. During the last two weeks I have slowed down a bit to prepare for moving. I am hoping to restart my activities again next week and will continue my efforts until I become 160 pounds evolved gorilla.


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  1. Posted by Vignam on May 31, 2011 at 6:36 AM

    Pretty interesting.

    Loosing weight is always a gift. It helps the heart to pump blood smoothly and also it provides much more comfortable to the body. When I was in the university, I gained much more weight than ever before. Less exercise, concentrated thinking and unbalanced food raised the weight up to 190 lb. When I visit home country people could not recognize me and the way I walk seems to be funny.

    All such massive flesh were wiped out when I was in the Hospital for three months. I lost more than 60 lb. I was advised to build my muscles little by little. I wanted to look into a protocol to safely build it up. It seems to be a common mistake young ones make that they want a quick and hard way to build the muscles. It is true for loosing muscles also.

    What I found is somewhat interesting. Muscles must be given work progressively and steadily. Also, the work given to them must be in a form of straining; not as momentum. It is obvious that in a speedy exercise momentum does the work. Straining builds the fiber directions.

    When someone stop their exercise, the cells do not recognize it and they are absorbing more energy as usual. We could see if athletes stop exercise their body become irregular and too much fat deposits in the skin.

    I feel yoga is one of the finest and excellent way of keeping the body in condition. It does not build massive flesh but strengthen the nerves, flesh and mind.

    Keep up the good work and loose some more pounds. 🙂



  2. Hi Vikki,

    Thanks for your thoughts. I also had the same issue. I gained a lot during my student life. Hope you are doing great now.

    I think light exercises like tai chi will help a lot to build healthy muscles.


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